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Minimum requirements for energy efficiency in buildings have been set by the government's regulation "Minimum requirements for energy performance". According to the energy consumption of the building, an energy label between class A and class H is issued. Class A represents the lowest energy consumption, the following letters of the alphabet, however, represent gradually increasing energy consumption, and therefore, higher monetary cost of heating the building.

Since the monetary cost of heating is directly related to the energy label, and people are becoming more aware and more demanding, more and more real estate developers invest in energy efficiency of new buildings. Today, according to regulations, new residential buildings must have at least energy class C.


Energy label B has been issued to project Three Brothers.

The total annual energy consumption per apartment square meter for Class B buildings should range from 101 to 120 kilowatt-hours.

Class A buildings are difficult to develop in the urban space because it is necessary to adopt non-traditional measures to produce energy, such as solar panels, wind generators, heat pumps, etc., which is often not possible to implement in a city plot.


To achieve energy performance certificate B, Pikk 43/45/47 apartment building is designed with:

  • Energy efficiency is ensured by architectural solutions and BIM project planning
  • Apartment based forced ventilation system with heat exchanger. This means that in order to ventilate the rooms, part of the thermal energy from the outgoing air is recovered to heat the inlet air.
  • Apartments have triple glazed windows
  • Notable thermal insulation layers: 
  • Wall insulation thickness of living quarters is 150-270 mm;
  • Ceiling insulation thickness of the roof and underground car park is 400 mm;

Read more: https://www.energia.ee/et/kodu-mudel

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